At Infiniti Management Group & Assoc LLC., we understand the importance of treating your home as if it were our own.  Our dedicated and highly experience Licensed Condominium Managers will work at enhancing your community’s living experience, while increasing your property’s value. Inifiniti Management Group’s extensive experience allows us to provide customized operational support to suit the needs of your community as well as your on-site staff.  Our family oriented management, understands and values the importance of family and sense of community within the association members. Inifiniti Management Group’s team is always available to discuss and customize your own Management Service Agreement to fit your community’s requirement. We are here to help you meet and exceed your expectations.

  • Work alongside the Board of Directors establishing a close relationship that will help Board Members implement ideas and projects.
  • Provide monthly Management Reports at meetings
  • Provide recommendations while adhering to Florida Statutes.
  • Assist in publication of newsletter or development of website.
  • Attend and coordinate Board and Membership Meetings
  • Supervision of on-site staff.
  • Develop hurricane preparedness plan
  • Provide accounting services:
  1. Collect maintenance and special assessment payments
  2. Prepare checks for the Board to approve and sign
  3. Collection of overdue accounts
  4. Provide collection status reports to Board Members
  5. Monthly financial statements
  6. Preparation of Annual Budget
  • Negotiation of vendor’s contracts
  • Review of insurance policies to ensure appropriate coverage is in effect
  • Enforcement of rules and regulations
  • Monitoring of all architectural modification requests
  • Digital photograph monitoring of violations
  • coordinate community events
  • More…